The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Photography by Paul Smith

In May 2007, Universal Music sent me up to Hong Kong to interview Mika, and until today, I daresay that interview was the best I've ever done in my entire life. Despite having to share time with him with a few other journos, Mika came across as being someone very intelligent and witty - and I loved the fact that he understands the incredible platform he has as a pop sensation to make a difference. Unlike many celebrities I've interviewed, Mika has an agenda and I applaud him for it. You can read one of the many articles I got out of the interview here.

Fast forward two years and some months later, Mika released his second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much' and I can't wait for him to make his way to Asia again:

I'd love to be his stylist - quirky clothes, crazy bright colours with eccentric touches; and his clothes compliment his sound very well. Distinctive and unmistakable!

I recently added Mika on Twitter and said something about him giving the best interview I've ever done in Hong Kong, and he replied:

Paul Smith also recently photographed Mika, and the photos are pretty kickass:

In case you want to check out more of his videos, Happy Ending is one of my favourite songs from him [the video has balloons! lots and lots of balloons!], and you can find all his videos from his official Youtube channel. And of course, I have to plonk a photo I took with him then. Funny how different I think I look a mere two plus years ago: