Love List #29

* Being in Singapore I know I haven't been gone for too long, but I've gotten use to and already started romanticizing of constantly being in transit and living out of my suitcase [as frustrating as that can be sometimes] so being in a place that I'm familiar with almost makes me claustrophobic. I suppose my love for travelling has extended to a desire to leave the country I was born in, and create something somewhere else.

* Hydrangeas A bouquet of hydrangeas [only my favourite flowers! reminds me of my summer in New York!] arrived for me this morning when I woke up, together with a note from someone I met in the US. Funny how a lot of fleeting meetings become interesting, long-time encounters.

* Film cameras I have a love-hate relationship with film cameras. While I love the fact that for once, in our tech-obsessed lives that we cannot get something in an instant; the menial task of having to bring it to the photo shop, and buzz of hearing the perforation tear from the slip about to be handed to you. All a lot of fun. But what isn't fun is my inability to use up film just because I have to. My mother likes to save things, and I got this from her - I cannot justify using up the film I have in my fabulous pink Fish Eye on any random day, and God dammit, I want to see the pictures I took!

* Wonderwooled The lovely folks at WonderWool featured me as their first Style Spy. It's so sweet that I got a whole post to myself off their very stylish blog - thank you again, and I must make a trip to your physical store soon! Pinky promise!

* Spruce Up I got bored of my old header, so with the help of a friend, I thought I'd replace it with a self-portrait of myself on my first trip to Madrid. A little change in colour here and there. What do you think? I even have a stiletto as a favicon - clear your cache to see it! I wish I had a personal photographer follow me around so I can post photos of my outfits more often [I know a few of you have been hounding me for this! Sorry!] - but I'll try! Let me know what else you want to see on this blog - more fashion? More personal drama [haha!]? More advice? More shopping? Let me know!

* Random Love Shower Receiving postcards; making friends, keeping friends, reading comments on blogs about you from people you've met only for awhile, but already love; getting an iPhone soon!; hot hot tea with honey; my Mom; writing; getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, having Xiao in town, hanging with friends I haven't seen in ages, having a crush on someone; trying to stop thinking about that someone; thinking about that someone whilst in line for coffee and making yourself grin randomly into the air like an idiot and have the guy facing you think you fancy him; reminiscing the trip... and making plans for the next one!

What's on Your Love List this Week? Let me know!

Loving you, and leaving you as always!