Love List #30


* Being busy I went from breezy to busy in the matter of hours when I got confirmed for two commercial jobs in the next two weeks. One's a three-day shoot, and the other is two days. After such a long [and well-deserved!] break, it felt a bit overwhelming until I was zipping about town loaning clothes for the shoot and I realised how elated I was that I was doing this again. It kinda felt like I'm finally home. :o)

* Planning my next trip In my attempt to run away from the fact that I'm inching much closer to my mid-twenties, I've decided that I'm going to make my birthday trippin' an annual one. Besides, there couldn't be any better way for me to celebrate myself [move over, Narcissus] than to indulge in one thing I couldn't live without - travelling! I've a few places in mind - Casablanca [just because!], Paris [cos' a friend's living there till July or so] with a stop in London, or do a Euro trip. I'd like to, of course, do a much-longer trip but work commitments might not allow it. How do I beat my last year's self brilliant idea of spending my birthday in New York City?!

* Working out If you've been subjected to my random jumble of thoughts on Twitter, you would've been subjected to my bitching about hitting the gym or people at the gym. I've been kicking ass at boxing classes and my arms are rock solid, it's crazy. I still have to haul my ass outta the door to get to the gym, but I really get into it once I'm there. And man, I wish the flush I get after working out stays permanently - it's the perfect shade of blush!

* Random Love Shower My Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Wow Wow ring, having the house to myself whilst everybody is away, working my ass off, working out and hopefully eventually losing my larger-than-life ass, hopefully getting a new point-and-shoot camera [the Canon IXUS 130 - so cute!], traipsing in heels, traipsing in heels and towering over everyone, traipsing in heels, towering over everyone and feeling on top of the world, spending time and getting along with the parents, friends embarking on new journeys, friends returning to SG, countless hours of sheer entertainment on the Wheel of Fortune app on my iPhone.

What's on your Love List this week?