Sezairi Sezali's Broken

A total of about 26 hours of filming over a weekend has resulted in the first music video that I've ever worked on, and it's finally out. Of course, I had my whole family seated in front of the telly five minutes before it aired. My family's all kinds of awesome, and so is Sezairi's vid:

There are two endings to the video, and you can vote for the ending you think the video should have. Being a sucker for drama, I like the sadder ending better, of course. ;o) What do you reckon?

And here's something I had on my iPhone. I did get more photos of the shoot, but after my intense couple of weeks that have been packed with back-to-back presentations and shoots, my body is slowly shutting down and I cannot bare the thought of having to get up to connect my camera to my computer. Let me just amuse you with one behind-the-scenes video, and to demonstrate how bloody annoying my laughter is:

Have a good weekend, kitty cats.