Love List #31

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* Getting major projects over and done with As much as I enjoy what I do for a living, the past couple of weeks of shooting and working without a breather has worn me down. Unlike sitting in an office for hours at an end, I am up on my feet most of the day, zipping about town battling weather, carrying bags, and again, at shoots, I'm on my feet most of the time, which makes it incredibly exhausting. I'm so glad the major projects I've had going on for the past three weeks are over and I can take a quickie breather [a massage and a facial, please!] before plunging headfirst into work once again.

* Honorable beauty product mentions I'm not as much of a beauty junkie as some of my friends are, but they have introduced me to amazing little knick knacks I couldn't imagine my life without. The amazing L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner is one - it's an eyeliner with a felt marker tip; the perfect solution for the impatient or the clumsy. I also swear by Skinfood's Sheet Masks. For $5 a pop, these babies make my face radiant instantly! Another honorable mention is the Les Trompe-l'oeil de Chanel that I got Xiao, and I'm still torn about forking out a hundred smacks on.

* Pop 9 After what-seems-like-ages, I finally found a gold Pop 9 camera - something I've been eyeing since for-f*cking-ever and of all places, I found it at a counter in Tangs. I'm excited about popping in a roll of film and going apeshit with the nine lenses. What trippy fun!

* For the love of music I've come to realise that I can actually find a job that would fuse my love for fashion, music, and travel all into one - if a music artiste decides to hire me as a stylist to go on tour with 'em. What an incredible job that would be! And of course, I'd end up writing about all the drugs, sex and rock & roll that is the life of musicians, so I get to write as well. Now, to find someone that will hire me...

* Random Love Shower Anticipating the arrival of my favourite two-year-old; planning new shoots; a message on Facebook from someone you have been having the biggest crush on; emails, postcards and gifts from readers [I couldn't thank you all enough!]; making plans for my next trip!

Fill me in on your Love List this week.

Loving you, and leaving you as always!