I Carry Your Heart with Me

The best thing about shopping online is actually finally receiving your packages. And that means, even though you're on a shopping fast [like I am - Day 6 and going strong!], you would receive the things you've been buying over the internet over the past couple of weeks, like this totally cute top I got from ASOS when they had their free shipping to Singapore promotion!

Gold-rimmed Ray Bans, ASOS heart cut-out top, Bobbi Brown red lipstick

I love the heart cut out. I wish I could sew - I'd make a pattern, copy the shape of the top and make it into a wiggle dress a la Mad Men. My mother actually sews really well - when I was younger, I remember her toiling over her Singer sewing machine sewing up curtains for our house before Hari Raya. I should seriously pick up these things from her.

I know a lot of people probably get disgusted at the sight of my arms, but I've been working out like crazy for the past couple of weeks, and with boxing classes, they've become a sick kind of muscular that I really like! Now, all I have to do is keep up the working out, and stop eating like a cow!