"You Broke My Birkin!!" - Sex & The City 2

Thanks to the good people at Golden Village who gave me to passes to the media preview of Sex & The City 2, I was all giddy with excitement in anticipation for last Friday. That is, until Friday came, and I was literally giddy - I had a temperature, I was throwing up and there was a teen rave going on in my head.

But dedication is slumping by the elevator doors next to your movie companion, stopping by the food court for a hydrating drink and lethargically making your way to the theatre for the preview - all with high hopes that you don't collapse somewhere along the way. But I made it, bitches, and here's my take on the movie:

I loved Sex & The City series. I didn't love Carrie Bradshaw so much though - save for her outfits and her penchant for high heels, I couldn't stand her breathy voice, and it doesn't help that she's neurotic, needy and deathly annoying. I often turn to my girlfriends whilst watching SATC and ask them if there are such women in the world and they'd knowingly nod their heads. I did, however, love the drama, the humour, the fashion and the fabulous, fabulous city that the series revolved around.

The first Sex & The City movie was supposed to be my closure. I was not pleased when they decided to film the second one, but like any fan, I could not not watch it!

Unfortunately, even for a fan, I started getting fidgety in my seat. Granted, I'm not the most patient person, but this sequel felt like one really, really long episode with menial issues that the girls grapple with easily in an half-an-hour show. And while I know the movie is a chick flick and meant to be light-hearted and entertaining, the movie decides to bring up Islamic rules and dress forms, and a lot of times, while I wouldn't go as far as saying that the movie is anti-Islam, the movie did depict the girls as being completely insipid about other religions. For God's sake, you live in New York City, possibly one of the most racially, culturally and religiously diverse cities in the world and you wear shorts in a Muslim country?!

I did, however, get quite a few laughs from Charlotte and Miranda. I love Charlotte as a mom and how much she is in denial about how imperfect her perfect little family is.

I know some people might shoot me when I say this, but I think Patricia Field might actually be losing her touch. Separately most, if not all of the wardrobe she picked out for the girls are amazing pieces, but when put together, they become quite the catastrophe. Maybe the mishmash of colour and the swirls of fabric were intended to fuse with the larger-than-life, living-up-to-the-nines Abu Dhabi vacation, but I wasn't feeling a lot of it. What I particularly loved were the oversized chunky rings the girls had on a lot of the times, and awesome outfit Carrie had on when she was at the spice market - a cropped jacket over a Dior t-shirt and a massive purple and silver skirt. Would've been a complete bitch to shop in in reality, but when you're in a movie, hey, anything goes.

In all honesty, I was disappointed in the movie. Unlike the series which I would watch over and over again, both Sex & The City movies are not flicks I would rent or buy to see a second time. I think it's time to bring out the retirement plan, ladies, your reign's finally over.