Things I Now Know...

# A headache can ruin your life. I've had to deal with the most excruciating headache since last Friday - together with a temperature and gastric juice build-up, my last week wasn't a walk in a park.

# Being a hypochondriac can do you some good, even though most times, you end up diagnosing yourself with something more severe than it actually is.

# It's actually humanly possible for me not to leave the house for seven days in a row.

# My mother has wackjobs for friends. It's only common sense to understand that when someone doesn't pick up the phone, he or she does not want to be disturbed, or is simply not at home. It does not mean you call them half a dozen times in the span of twenty minutes and letting the phone ring for two minutes each. Especially if you know the said-person's daughter is suffering from a bitch of a headache.

# I'd take my health any day over being sickly despite having lost a lot of weight over the past days.

# I love it when my parents overly baby me when I'm ill.

# I'll do anything to get better. [Hear me, God, anything. We've worked out a deal and I'll stick to it; just please let me feel better]