Where Art Thou, Lady Luck?

I've had the worst case of rotten luck these couple of weeks, and my leg and back injuries are the least of it. Funny thing about bad luck [at least for me], it comes in droves. Just when I thought I reached the ultimate low, today I get to a new low. It's like Lady Luck decided to call it quits, put on her leather hooker boots and party like a rockstar in an S&M club in Berlin while I have the desire to inflict un-pleasurable pain on myself and a few other people I shall refrain from naming.

There I was this afternoon, shaking my head at my unbelievable misfortune half wanting to cry and shake my fists up to the sky wailing, "Why, God, why?!", and half wanting to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

The thing is, I want to hold my head high and say that I have found a new low, and things cannot possibly get any worse, but I'm scared to do that... just in case. For now, I'm just hanging in there and chanting prayers to calm myself down, and telling myself 'This too, shall pass'. Or at least I hope so.