Love List #32

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* Europe I know I seem to be traipsing the globe all the time, but if it's any consolation, I will never own a Chanel bag ever because I cannot justify purchasing a bag that could easily get me a trip to Colombia. Come end of the month, I'm headed for Europe again, this time, to Paris, London, Brussels and Ghent. I've never been to London and Paris, and I know you jet-setting fashionistas have all your must-haves and must-sees, so help a style sista out, will ya?

* Bright colours I seem to finally be getting out of my black phase [black is fashion's comfort food, no?]. I've been diligently clearing my wardrobe, and things I have been looking at are bright and colourful. My awesome new purple suitcase, my wicked dress from Chalk, amongst many.

* New Shopping Mantra My attempt to not shop for a month was an epic failure - I lasted 18 days and then, I bidded on a wicked skirt on eBay. Therefore, I have now decided that I will no longer stop myself from shopping, but instead, make wise shopping decisions. No more buying mass-produced clothes from Forever 21, Topshop and the likes just because I like it, for example. I need to think of quality, how trendy the item of clothing is [classic vs. trendy]. Let's see how this goes. Definitely better than just cutting myself off from shopping, no?

* Genius Function in iPod I don't think I have ever mentioned this before, but the Genius function in the iPod is bloody brilliant. How is it that it always seems to know what's the perfect song to put on next? Bloody Genius is right!

* God At the risk of sounding preachy, believing in Something bigger than myself has reaped in much positive results. Alhamdulillah.

* Zoie Jean The famous little tot is coming back to Singapore! And I can't wait!

* Random Love Shower Planning another bridal shoot, writing, non-stop writing, my parents, grilled zucchini, hot pink matte lipstick, looking forward to watching The Incredibles with my half-Belgian, half-Singaporean niece, my birthday at the happiest place on earth, Pixie Lott.

What's on your Love List this week?

Loving you, and leaving you as always!