Fútbol in Valencia

I'm going to admit it: when it comes to football, I have no interest whatsoever - except when it comes to the hot boys on the field. And Valencia does their promotion just right by getting some gorgeous boys to show off the gorgeous city of Valencia.

Now, if only they ended the video with a completely gratuitous scene of the whole soccer team soaking in the rays on the jaw-dropping white sandy beaches that the city has to offer.

Planning a trip to Spain? Make sure Valencia's on your list, especially if you're there during the Las Fallas period. Read my Wanderlust Guide for more. And just in case you're unconvinced, here's proof:

I've said this enough times, but it needed to be said again - I love Spain!

P.S.: And because I am awesome, here's a guide to the non-football fan's guide to the world cup.