Paris, Je t'aime? Not So Much.

Paris was, in all honesty, grittier than I expected it to be.

I have to admit beforehand, though, that Paris is not exactly on my top must-visit list. Possibly because it's such a touristy city that everybody goes to, and also because I'm not exactly fond of the French. It was somewhat of a 'Okay, I have a friend there, so let's go there.' I am however, glad that I have made my way to the city.

The usual touristy sights are devastatingly beautiful. It's hard to fathom how one can live in a city so, so beautiful yet bastardise it by peeing on the street, or having your fucking dog crap all over the place. Funny, the major cities I've been to, particularly New York, aren't exactly the cleanest in the world, but Paris and its filth has bothered me the most. Plus, considering how much tourism the city gets, I feel like tourist amenities aren't exactly the best - Madrid, for one, is way more tourist-friendly than Paris. Sometimes I feel like it's almost an afterthought.

Dare I say it? Paris is bloody overrated.

All that said though, I did enjoy Paris. The museums are to-die-for, and the food, even more. I still have dreams about the braised duck leg I had on my birthday, and I will definitely go back to the same restaurant when I head back to Paris at the end of my trip.

As for now, I'm in Ghent, Belgium, and it's such a beautiful city I am in awe all the time whilst walking through the town! Pictures soon - pinkie promise! :o)