Bittersweet About Belgium

I leave Belgium for London tomorrow. I decided to go cheap and save about €104 and travel by bus, which I am regretting at this very moment because I will be facing an eight-hour bus journey in Europe in the summer. For a smart person, I can be quite stupid sometimes.

While I'm looking forward to reuniting with my girlfriends in London, meeting Kelly with whom I've only had a virtual relationship with, meeting teams behind my favourite brands and so much more, I really enjoyed Belgium and leaving it is kinda really bittersweet. Brussels was awful, but Ghent is just the perfect blend of old world charm with big city vibes. Of course, leaving the sweet comfort of my cousin's home is also a big part of my not wanting to leave Belgium behind.

But Belgium has put some weight on my behind, I'm pretty sure, what with the fries and the waffles, so I need to get out of here. Stat. ;o) See you in London, kids.