You Know...?

photo by grelinno

You know one of those instances where you glance around a crowded room and think you spot someone you dated/ had a thing with/ had a thing for and immediately look away, and then can't help but to take a second look and realise it is him, and he spots you as well and he smiles his perfectly imperfect smile that makes you soft in the knees and walks towards you and you're like 'fuckfuckfuck' and you wreck your brains to think about something to say and he comes over and gives you a hug and all you can think of is whether or not you have red lipstick on your teeth and that you should've gone back in the house to spritz some of that dry shampoo and then you mutter something stupid and then blame it on jet lag and he says something random and you look at his shoes - you've always liked his shoes and he interrupts your thoughts as he always once did and tells you he needs to get back to his mates and you promise each other to stay in touch and he walks away and all you want to do is dig a deep, deep hole and bury yourself in it?

Yeah, I just had one of those instances.