Love List #33

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I haven't made a Love List in over a month, so there's a lot of loving to hand out. Here goes!

* Coming Home Coming home has been really nice, after almost four weeks of globe-trotting. Funny thing is, unlike my last few trips, I wasn't depressive or melancholic when I was coming to the end of my trip, or that I was dreading the end. In fact, I welcomed coming home with wide open arms. I think it might be due to the fact that for the most times I've left home for more than two weeks, it was because I was seeking an escape, and I needed to run away from reality. Whether it was a broken heart, a lost job, I needed to leave; now, reality isn't so bad to get back to and that's incredibly refreshing.

* Photo Booth I have a lot of love for Mac's Photo Booth. In various parts of the world where I have found myself stranded without a mirror, Photo Booth has been my saviour to make sure I don't poke my eye out with my mascara wand.

Here are some Photo Booth photos from my last trip:

Clockwise from top left: Bored whilst waiting to get through the English Channel from France to the UK - my bus goes on a train! Pretty cool! | Trying to get some makeup on my bare face| Hanging with my niece, Nora, in her home in Belgium | Backlit and bored whilst on a 7-hour bus journey from Ghent, Belgium to London, UK |

* Manicure Miracles Sometimes when you think a person has blown you away enough, she bowls you over yet again. Such is the case with the very talented Andrea Claire who has made a tutorial for an amazing DIY marble manicure. I don't buy nail polish, but I feel like buying some to try this out!

* CHALK The very talented Priscilla has launched her brand new high summer collection called Dreams of Pandora. I was very privileged to be given a preview a few months ago when she just shot the collection and I fell in love with the collection immediately. Priscilla has such a good eye, and she blends style, comfort and sass into well-made articles of clothing you want to keep in your wardrobe forever. Plus, her dresses have pockets! I love dresses with pockets! Here are some images from her collection I swiped from CHALK'S blog:

* Smart girls On my painfully long flight back from Paris, a very smart, very pretty 15-year-old girl sat next to me and we spent a big chunk of the 12-hour flight chatting. In a world where bastardised books about glittering vampires are in the forefront of popular culture, it's so pleasant to meet a young girl with a good head on her shoulders. She is well-travelled, speaks several languages and she's been diving since she was ten and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. I want to adopt her! Speaking of smart girls and the terrible curse that has been put on mankind in the form of the monstrosity that is Twilight, a nineteen-year-old girl has written a blog every who likes and detests the existence of the books & movies should read - Feminism Doesn't Sparkle: What Twilight Teaches Young Girls.

* Despicable Me is such a hilarious movie! Denise, my brother and I found ourselves curling up in laughter and you should really catch the movie if you haven't. Here's one of my favourite parts:

*Random Love Shower Going back to the gym after almost a month/ Free CDs thanks to Universal Music/ Skin Food masks/ Sweating it out at the gym after a month/ Work/ Spanish class!

What’s on your Love List this week?

Loving you, and leaving you as always!