Love List #21

I started my Love Lists when thedramadiaries was still hosted on Livejournal more than a year ago when I thought I should actually list the things I am thankful for and literally count my blessings. I haven't done it in awhile, and especially today, when things are bleak and I'm struggling to find something to be happy about - it is days like these that I need Love Lists. And so this is what I am loving right now:

*Peter Pan Emilio reminded me of my favourite fairytale, Peter Pan when he sent me the link to a pop up book. Save for a castle, I think Peter Pan has the perfect elements to a perfect fairytale: the cute boy [even though he's in green tights], the ability to fly, mermaids and a land far away. "Second star to the right, and straight on till morning." =)

*Knuckle Rings I find knuckle rings very amusing, but I think they'd be very annoying to have on. As tempting as this tea set knuckle ring [from Apple Tree Accessories available at Front Row], I imagine it'll be uncomfortable when you actually want to use your fingers, cos' they're all stuck together. I've never worn knuckle rings - so anybody with them care to enlighten me?

*Friends It's only when push comes to shove you find out who your friends are, and I'm thankful to have dynamic individuals whom I look up to, and who actually give a damn about my well being. Thank you for cross-Atlantic calls, texts, IMs, Tweets. You know who you are - I am indebted.

*Fame TGIF - I kickstart my weekend with one of the movies I'm dying to watch, Fame, with one of the people I'm dying to see! ;o)

*The SimpsonsI have so much love for The Simpsons, and they remind me of my family. My Dad doesn't drink, nor does he like doughnuts, and my Mum doesn't have towering blue hair, but I think it's because we've enjoyed watching The Simpsons as a family since I was a kid. At the end of the day, no matter what Bart had set on fire, and what life-changing catastrophe Lisa has gotten herself into, when they're all at home, life is perfect again. And that's how it always should be.

What's on your Love List this week?

<3 Loving you, and leaving you as always.