Me & My New York City

While people go on and on and on about a pair of shoes or a ring [admittedly though, I'd give up a lot of things for this wicked awesome YSL ring], I, in case you haven't noticed yet, go on and on about New York City.

Awesome photo by me!

And while a lot of people say Times Square is a place you go once and never come back to, I think as long as I don't live in the Big Apple, I'll keep coming back to Times Square and be in complete and utter awe of the city. When I was in the city first quarter of the year, I noticed the mother of all billboards saying that a Forever 21 store was going to open in Times Square! How apt - you have Sephora, the M&Ms store, and most importantly, the Lion King Musical just around the corner, and now, Forever 21! And of course, I recently read about the opening of the ginormous store that I have to make my way to and soak in in all its glory.

Now, more importantly. Summer of 2011 in New York City. Who's in? ;o)

P.S.: In the meantime, you can relive my time in New York in my archives, or check out my guide to the city here.