Have You Met My Ang Moh* Family?

Not a lot of Singaporeans can say they've been to Texas, and I'm proud to say I have. Literally on the other side of the world, I was in Austin for a good one and a half months, and the last week of which I spent at the most awesome music festival I've ever been to - SXSW. And for all that time, I lived in Andrea's house and her crazy [in a good way!] family was my family - and you know what, they still are:

And because you can't see anything but the arm of coolest member of this family, here's a more recent photo of her:

*Ang Moh is a Caucasian or a white person. The term is regarded by many non-Chinese as a racist derogatory term used increasingly as a racial slur to describe Caucasians in Singapore but I say this only out of love. ;o)