Mad About Duck

Before I met Andrea, duck was one of the animals I didn't eat - just because I thought they were cute. After I met Andrea, good duck dishes are amongst the many things we constantly obsessed over and while I was in Paris, I had the most amazing confit de canard - the best I've had my whole life - and trust me, I have had a lot of duck.

Simmered over low heat in its own fat, the duck at Rouge St Honoré is served with salad, salted beans, scalloped potatoes and fig jam, and it's an amazing burst of flavours. The duck literally melts in your mouth, and the potatoes? You just can't get enough of. The fig jam is just the right amount of sweet to balance all the salt on your plate, but by far, an amazing meal.

I'm pretty sure it's not the best confit de canard in Paris but I paid only €22.50 to have my meal with sparkling water, and finished it with an espresso.

The restaurant surprisingly has negative reviews on TripAdvisor, but the both times I was there, the service was impeccable. If you don't fancy this restaurant, there are a handful just-as-cute ones around the area. Be sure to arrive around 7pm for an early dinner, or 9pm for a later one to get seats outside - they're the best to people-watch, and to be watched. ;o)

Rouge St Honoré 34 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris, France 01 42 61 16 09 Metro: Pyramides