I never got to learning how to ride a bicycle as a kid. I did have a tricycle, and I went on to a 'big girl' bicycle with white wheels but my father never took off the training wheels because by the time I was ready to cycle with two wheels, my brother came along and decided he wanted to start cycling. While he got my hand-me-downs, in between The Babysitters' Club books and training bras, I got bored and moved on to hot pink Barbie blades soon after. Some say I missed out an integral part of growing up, and I get laughed at when I admit my inability to cycle. I don't think it's ever bother me, except for my trips to Europe when I wish I could ride a bike instead of walking all around the city and with everybody riding bikes in Amsterdam, I wanted to look just as cool wearing heels and cycling down the side of the canals. Of course, when I was in Amsterdam, half the time I was indoors doing things I shouldn't mention on this blog [you know... shopping, and chocolate, and cheese] and the other half I was with a tall blond boy riding... on the back of his Vespa, that is. :o)

I'm pretty sure I've read about them before, but for some reason, I chanced upon Vanguard Designs whilst surfing the web this evening and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with this awesome bike:

Not only will it match my sailor dress that I love [below], it would be criminal not to stick white stars on a portion of the blue metal bars of the bike, no?

Now, if only I could actually ride a bike...