The New is Old Again

I was trailing after a friend as she shopped in New Look when, to my horror, I saw a top that resembled something my Mum made me wear when I was eight. Fashion has come a full circle, and I, of course, upon realising how many years had passed since I wore something like that, started flipping out. Had I kept that top it would come close to passing off as "vintage". Which was why the link Julius tweeted about was so amusing - "vintage" Facebook, YouTube and Skype ads.

Someday when my kids are living life like The Jetsons, Faceook, Skype and YouTube will be a thing of the past. Hopefully, by that time, we'd also have found the cure for cancer and eliminated Crocs, stupid people and poverty as well.

Of course, I'm also convinced that the world will end in my lifetime or the lifetime after, so maybe the social medias wouldn't even get a chance to turn vintage. source