Outfit: thedramadiaries loves MySpringFling!

Sourcing is the bane and boon of my existence as a stylist - I love hitting the shops to look for things for my shoots, but it also is a complete pain in the ass when it's hot, you're carrying a billion things and you have the entire population moving at a glacial place. When you see me in town sulking, carrying a billion bags and not in heels, it probably means I'm on the prowl for clothes, as I was today. And when I'm sourcing, I need to be in fuss-free clothes, so this breezy and totally cute off-shoulder number from my brand new sponsors, MySpringFling, was the top of choice paired with distressed jeans from Buffalo David Bitton.

And yes, I'm making a baggie sandwich.

I love the crochet details! I've really broad shoulders and the top sits on me nicely, but you're smaller, here's how the top sits on the model:

Over the years, I've received a ton of emails from young people who want to do their own thing - you know, go against the norm of being a doctor, teacher or lawyer and work in fashion, and I love hearing tales of success, as in the case of MySpringFling. The brainchild of three girls in NTU who wanted to make money on the side and started making handmade accessories which sold out like hotcakes on their blogshop! They went on to clothes - and the rest, as clichéd as this sounds, is history.

They've been around for a whopping four years now, being one of the established local blogshops on the world wide web, and they're showing no signs of stopping. MySpringFling has recently collaborated with Lancome and they promise freebies, makeup tips, amongst many others!

If you're one of those people who haven't got fast fingers [like me!] and find yourself missing out on MySpringFling's clothes because you were too late, pen this down - the next update is tomorrow 11 August at 8pm! And this dress looks real cute!

Preview the collection and join their Facebook group here.

And if there's one thing you can be sure of - MySpringFling transcends seasons. Which is why their tagline is so fitting - Seasons come and go, but thank God for MySpringFling! True story! ;o)