Restaurant Review: Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant

My friend Denise and I have quite a bit of things in common. While we can get on each others nerves just as much, we also know that we'd have a good time in each others company; and yesterday evening, we found ourselves indulging in two of our favourite things - Spain and food! If you know me personally, or follow me on Twitter, you've probably been subjected to my raves about Don Quijote [pronounced as don kee-hote], which I say over and over again, is easily the best Spanish restaurant in Singapore. And coming from someone who works for the Spanish government [Denise] and someone who's been to Spain several times and who has Spanish friends who are amazing cooks [Lara and Miriam!] - we know our stuff!

The first restaurant of Don Quijote is nestled in the burrows of Bukit Timah, and after slightly more than a year of its opening, they opened a brand spanking new outlet on Dempsey Road! Denise and I, coming from the ghettos of the East, couldn't be more thrilled!

We found ourselves seated in the gorgeous new restaurant early Friday evening and well, we knew exactly what we wanted: gambas al ajillo [prawns in olive oil and garlic - a classic!], tortilla de patata [Spanish potato omelette], pimientos del piquillo rellenos de atun [peppers stuffed with tuna - love!!] and our personal favourite, fideua negra [squid ink pasta].

Those clueless about Spanish food need not get intimidated – the menu is in English, and the wait staff are keen to be of assistance. Being foodies obsessed with Spain, we knew Spanish food from the back of our hands and delved deep into the realms of Spanish food.

While nobody makes tortillas as amazing as my friend Lara does [even in Spain! I had tortilla in a restaurant in Madrid and I told her hers was way better!], Don Quijote never disappoints. Their food is of amazing standards and you can actually taste the freshness of the seafood. They go to Spain periodically to make sure they're on top of things. Plus, the new restaurant is roomier and have two private rooms to accommodate private parties or functions:

If you've tried all that we've tried and you need dessert, soldier on and sample the Pastel de Chocolate Caliente - a warm chocolate cake that’s made with Spanish chocolate served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate cake would be nothing short of the cherry on the icing of awesomeness – it was moist, and the warm chocolate lava that oozes of sweet, sweet decadence that would give you just the right sugar high [coupled with sangria, if you were drinking, like Denise was!] to get you going long into the night.

Don Quijote is located at: Dempsey Hill, Blk 7 #01-02 T: 6476 2811 [for reservations] 17 Lorong Kilat #01-09, Kilat Court T: 6465 1811 [for reservations]

Photos by Denise Khan Tan