Shooting in the Ghettos

I've lived in Bedok for slightly more than a decade now and if you follow me on Twitter, you'd realise how much I complain about it. I mean, seriously, people come to Bedok to die. There's a funeral at the void deck of my apartment every fortnight, for God's sake. My towering heels and my Mad Men-esque outfits don't belong in this hood. What I have always wanted to do, though, is shoot in Bedok. Which is exactly what we did. The awesome Scott Woodward, Dewi, Ash, Iggy and I braved Bedok and all its drama for my first bridal shoot since I've joined Singapore Brides.

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P.S.: Possibly the most memorable part of the shoot were the times Iggy, me and the model went to Giordano to have the model change into a different bridal gown in their dressing room. Hilarious! P.P.S.: Also funny - random Chinese women coming up to Scott and telling him that "he's handsome". Only in Bedok, I tell ya! Last Post Script: Supermarket trolleys are awesome when you have to carry a dozen wedding gowns!