Outfit: Another Mad Men Day

For the lack of a romantic partner who's a photographer, fancy schmancy gadgets or the luxury of time, you have to make do with a photo from my trusty iPhone:

I love this skirt. I got too fat to wear it for a while, but it once again fits nicely - until hopefully, it gets too loose and I need to get it altered. It's actually a really nice shade of purple, and the photo doesn't do it any justice.

I love pin-up anything, especially because of my body shape and high-waisted skirt is a less out-there approach to the art of the pin-up and by chance, I spotted a pin-up-esque cover of the gorgeous Christina Hendricks on the cover of GQ UK. Of course, they've DI-ed the hell out of her, but girlfriend still looks smokin':

Like my friend Susie commented on Facebook, "Look at those puppies!"