How Did We Get Here?

Whilst having dinner with Nurul yesterday evening, we were left wondering - how the hell did we get here?! Nurul and I have been friends for almost twenty years - that's a friendship older than a lot of you reading this blog! So while I was humouring my mother tidying up my room for the impending Hari Raya, I chanced upon ancient photos and scanned them. If for nothing else, for laughs. Like Zoie, I didn't have much hair as a kid, and my mother usually had me in hats which I'd remove cos' they were frilly and uncomfortable. This was taken near where the Esplanade now stands, and my Dad's expression's and mine cracks me up:

Here I am throwing a tantrum, photographed with my maternal cousins:

Permanently distracted:

With my mum, on my third birthday

And this was a class outing at Fun Dazzle in Downtown East:

Nurul, in the extreme right, might kill me after she sees this and it will be the end of our 18-year friendship. Hah!