Outfit: thedramadiaries STILL loves MySpringFling!

When you live in a climate like Singapore's, it's hard not to reach out for light, breezy clothes and myspringfling makes them just right. Just like this number I was wearing on a Saturday afternoon. [Excuse my stupid face, I just got done with my Spanish homework and was heading out in the heat!]

If you've noticed, I almost never put my hair up unless I'm working out, but with a back like this, my hair needs to get out of the way:

Bubblegum Ribbon and bows lace blouson courtesy of myspringfling Petticoat worn as a skirt, American Apparel Nude sandals, MIA (unseen) Faux pearl bauble ring, Primark

I was in love with their Anna Sui-inspired Crochet Shirt Dress in the latest collection:

Understated glam with a tinge of sexy - perfect. Now, if my booty could fit into that!