Love List #34

* People in music I've recently been discovering more and more incredibly talented people in local music, and one person who've bowled me over and over again is my friend Vanessa Fernandez. You've probably heard her on 98.7FM, and I've gone from slaving over projects with her to being her occasional stylist. I still can't believe she's not touring the globe and rolling in dough with a voice like that. Seriously! Listen to her acapella Oasis cover and Radiohead's Creep. A-fucking-mazing.

* Sanrio x Dr Martens A few months ago, before my birthday, I got all excited about the Sanrio x Dr Martens collabo and guess what? The good people at Dr Martens Singapore are bringing the babies in come September! Retailing from $169 onwards, the launch will coincide with Dr Martens' search for Singapore's very own Susie Bubble. On 1 Sept from noon to 8pm, come down to Dr Martens at Orchard Central in your Susie Bubble-est outfit, be photographed wearing one of the Sanrio x Dr Martens footwear and stand a chance to walks away with $1,000 worth of Dr. Martens shoes and a feature on Susie Bubble's blog!

* H&M Words cannot express how much I love H&M. I want to make love to H&M. I want to wrap my lips around the mighty erection that is H&M and suck hard, like a good whore should. This expresses why I love it so.

* Loving Your Job I love what I do for a living - but you know that already. I need to remind myself to be thankful of what I have. I'm looking forward to my shoots, loving all the writing I'm doing and welcoming the stress.

* Power Cue: Bow in the presence of greatness -

* Bigass Giveaway Happening soon - watch this space.

Off to bed, now. What's on your Love List?