Up & Coming Model: Sage Dakota

I think I've met hundreds of models in my six years in the industry; whether on castings or at shoots, it's only once in a while that one makes big enough an impression for me to bother. Some of them become friends [or very good friends, like Xiao, who is in town and being repped by Ave Models just in case you're needing an Asian face for a cover!], and the rest just become people with whom I've worked with for a few hours some point in time in my career. And then, there are other fresh-faced ones who you know will make it big if they stick to their guns, and one of them is Sage Dakota. The redhead hottie speaks to thedramadiaries about modelling, music and other maniacal mayhem.

Tell thedramadiaries readers about yourself. I’m Canadian based in Singapore, I moved here in 2007, then to the US in 2009, and now I am back!

How did you get the idea of becoming a model? What happened? The idea of modeling never really came to me, I was kind of just raised into the industry because my mother is a Hair & Makeup artist. When I was younger I went to set with her a few times and the photographers wanted to use me in some of the shots, which lead to my mom getting me an agent, and I had my first big-time commercial for Nutella when I was 11, which is still airing today!

Do you enjoy being in front of the camera? Why? Yes, I enjoy being in front of the camera cause I can play up different emotions! I’ve always been into fashion and trying different looks, in fact for my grade 6 graduation I had my hair made into a bow (before Lady Gaga, Thanks Mom!) and I wore a vintage black dress.

How has it been working in Singapore so far? I’m not officially with an agency here right now, but I am working with a local agency that my agent in Toronto, Chantale Nadeau, put me in connection with. The modeling industry in Singapore has many international models, so yes, I have met models here that are from Russia, Brazil, Australia, and Canada.

How cool is it that your mom is a hair & makeup artist? Very cool! My mom had to teach me at an early age how to wind back lipsticks, because my Mom would get to set only to realize that I had gotten into her makeup kit, according to her… many lipsticks were squished!

If God was a DJ, what music would he play? Anything but Justin Bieber. Hopefully Local Natives, MGMT, City & Colour, and a bit of Ke$ha, because such talent that’s gone into lyrics like, “I like your beard” needs to be heard.

Tell us about your style, and where you like to shop? If a store is open, and there’s clothes inside, that’s where I like to shop. But seriously, yes I like to shop, it’s inherited. Some local places I like to shop include: Far East Plaza, Topshop, Wisma Atria, anywhere in Ion, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s at Tanglin Mall (shh… don’t tell my father).

Tell us a secret talent. I can fold my hand against my wrist. And a not-so-hidden talent is that I am an aspiring singer.

What pisses you off? I adore my parents, but their lectures get a bit annoying and repetitive.

If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, whose would it be? I know she is a bit overkill in the media right now, but Lady Gaga, she’s so crazy (in a good way) it would have to be a good party!

You've lived in Canada, the US and Singapore, and you're barely sixteen! What are you looking forward to most now? Yeah, I get around ;). I’ve been very lucky to travel and see as much as I have (thanks Dad for working so hard!) I’m looking forward to the endless possibilities that travelling and life experiences have opened my eyes to.

Good luck, Sagey! Go out there and take over the world - and when you do, tell 'em all you were on thedramadiaries first! ;o)

photos by Richard Dubois & Andrea Claire