Love List #35

* Show Tunes I've watched Wicked [the musical] twice - once on Broadway in New York early this year, and most recently, on West End in London. While I enjoyed the company of my girls in London more than my companions in New York, I did love the atmosphere and the theatre in New York more. Plus, when I walked out of the theatre in New York, it started snowing! How romantic. I'm listening to the songs again, and you can take a listen to two of my favourites: What Is This Feeling; No Good Deed.

* Zara My heart beats faster, my palms starts feeling clammy, I feel a grin creeping up on my facial shores - only happens when the realisation that I am in close proximity to a Zara store and its Fall Winter Collection is in! Best thing Spain ever came up with, even their fideua doesn't come close. Here's how breathtaking it is:

* myspringfling's first manufactured dress The lovely ladies at myspringfling finally rolled out the design of their first manufactured item: an effortless, timeless white dress that will take you from beaches to brunches and I love it. A scalloped hem and a gorgeous boat-neckline that shows off your collarbone, I'd put myself on myspringfling's mailing list if I were you! ;o)

*'s birthday! turns one in a week! [thedramadiaries though, has been around for a whopping five years - my early archives though, are quite toe-curling and not in a pleasant way. Blame teenage angst and depression] Will there be a giveaway? Yes there will! Lots of super cute, lovingly handpicked stuff to demonstrate my undying love for you. ;o)

Eid Eid is in less than a week, and whilst I'm looking forward to seeing the new additions to the family [my cousins are constantly procreating], I'd actually rather have Ramadan go on forever than to have to bother with relatives asking me when I'm getting hitched. Anybody knows a cute boy you can fix me up with? I'll name out firstborn after you. Heh. And well, I'm not exactly fond of my extended family anyway. If I had it my way, I'd exist in a little bubble of my family, plus a select few cousins and aunts and uncles. Unfortunately, I don't have it my way.

* Paloma Faith is badass. Her tragically romantic voice, her theatrical songs, and her wicked sense of style. Gaga can suck on it. The only problem with Paloma is that she resides in London. And you know as well as I do London ain't got nothin' on NYC. I mean, c'mon, Paloma even sings about New York.

What's on your Love List?