Eid [or Aidilfitri] a celebratory month post-Ramadan filled with family, friends and a whole lot of food, and for the first time since a very long time, all the people most important in my life spent the first day of Eid with me. While I love my parents and my brother, I'm not the fondest of several members of my extended family. Had I be given a choice, I pummel them to a pulp for all the drama they've caused, but because I have no choice or say in the matter, I'll just continue ranting here. I detest that I have to put up with them - I don't believe respect is a right, I think respect should be earned, and just because you're related to me by blood doesn't mean you're family.

Which is why I loved that my closest friends came over today - cos' they're my family too. Thanks for coming, guys, meant a lot. ;o)