Sony's Badass PIIQ

I've never been particularly anal about the headphones I have plugged into my iPod Nano. I had issues about the earbuds falling out of my ears whenever I run until the good people from Sony gave me the awesome NWZ-W252 MP3 player, so that ceased to be a problem. All I needed my headphones to do was to let me listen to music whilst commuting and going about my daily life without hassle.

Or so I thought before I laid eyes on Sony's brand spanking new PIIQ headphones.

Sent to me last week to review, these PQ3 babies, part of the PIIQ collection, are a bright burst of zany colours - and they match my new bright pink shift dress! I love when aesthetics and technology blend together seamlessly creating products so wicked awesome they belong in glossy magazine spreads - as with the PIIQ headphones.

I use earbuds on a daily basis, so to review these I took them out for a spin about town whilst sourcing for a shoot last week, and they were surprisingly comfortable even after 5-6 hours of wear. They were light, they slung comfortably on my neck when not in use and even though it resembles the myriad colours of a sherbet stand, the sound quality is not compromised. Very cool.

Plus - have I mentioned how wicked the colours are?  Totally badass Sony, I like!