2010 So Far...

January I was slowly getting out of my I'm-out-of-a-job-and-bloody depressed phase and into my yay-i'm-off-to-the-States-soon mood. I also did a test shoot amidst all that - and I almost never do test shoots:


Fashion week-ing, getting buried under 10 inches of snow, amongst other debauchery in NYC:


Texas, baby! And SXSW!


Bidding my last favourite Spanish girl left in Singapore goodbye, her Tarantino-themed party and Peaches with Chandni! And we shot Sezairi Sezali's music video, Broken, in April too!


Shot my first spread for/with Singapore Brides:


Shot another spread for Singapore Brides which happened the day Hermes was flooded. Celebrated birthday in Paris and spent time in Belgium.


The perfect reunion in London!

What a wicked awesome year, it's been - a far cry than what last year was fo' shizzle! And I've still got 3.5 months of the year left!