This Post is for You.

photo by .dust.bunny.

This is for all the people who've been told they'd fail if they continue chasing their dreams but did it anyway; this is for all the people who've been judged because of a presumably lack of education, money or status; this is for the people who've barely scraped by day-to-day doing what they love. For the girls and women who've been told by their families, by their parents, by their siblings, by their boyfriends and girlfriends that they're too fat, too skinny, too ugly; for girls who've been put down by other girls.

This post is for those who desperately need someone to believe in them; someone they can rely on, or just Someone. Someone.

This is for the people who ditched their dreams and listened to their parents - because they are, after all your parents; for the people who've put up with year after year of nagging, bitching, tears and emotional breakdowns; for the people who've stumbled and failed, but risen above it all and made it through. For those who've taken a chance. For those in abusive families, relationships, marriages. This is for the people who are crying themselves to sleep, suffering under a dark cloud of misery, depression and nothingness but will themselves to get up every day because it will get better.

For all the people who are so so lonely but afraid to admit it; for all the people doing things they have to (and not want to) because of the people they love; this is for all the people who've tried chasing their dreams but failed. For those who've fallen and brushed the blood off their knees. For those who abandon and are being abandoned, for those who long for warm body to hold them to sleep. For those who never got another chance, and for those begging for it.

For those who are clueless, for those walking about blindly, for those who don't know what's going to happen next. For those terrified out of their wits, for those who question their self-worth.

Know that you're not alone. And while I may not know you personally, I have so much respect for you and I think you're pretty fuckin' incredible.