My Last Meal

photo by pearled

Whilst sitting around watching the telly with a bunch of friends earlier, someone casually asked during a commercial break, "If you were going to die tomorrow, what would your last meal be?"

See, I spend a lot of time thinking of questions like these when I have to interview celebrities, and I also tend to have answers to these questions myself. Sometimes when my usually-jetlagged interviewees give me a half-arsed answer, I feel inclined to go, "But you know what I think?" Of course they don't give a flying fuck what you think, Faz.

Anyway, because the commercials ended before it got to my turn, I had to write about it. My last meal will be long, and elaborate, and I will eat using mostly only my fingers without any cutlery, because I do think that's the best way to savour food.

  • Oysters Fresh oysters. I haven't eaten enough oysters to know which ones from where I really like, but for now, I'd like oysters when I am about to face my maker.
  • Prata Since there ain't gonna be a tomorrow, I won't feel guilty about eating fried dough.
  • McSpicy Double I've been craving this for months now, but haven't given in. I figure I would deserve the best thing McDonald's have come up with.

  • That fresh scampi pasta in Bruges. OMFG.
  • Tex Mex Specifically Maudie's Rockin' Ruthann's, two pulled chicken burritos drenched in delicious topped with onions, queso blanco and queso amarillo. Sweet God.
  • Mum's badass rendang.

  • The most amazing street meat in the world that I had one winter's evening outside MoMA.
  • Thai Express' glass noodles in seafood tom yum soup & stuffed chicken wings.
  • Fideua negra.
  • Lamb kebab the size of my forearm from that place in Hamburg.

  • Chocolate con churros from Chocolatería San Ginés in Madrid
  • Prawn chee chong funn, otah & har gao from 126 Dim Sum in Geylang

  • Confit de canard from that place in Paris Thibaud took me on my birthday last June.
  • One last bigass pastrami sandwich from Katz' Deli in New York City.
  • Plain fluffy white rice that my Mum has made to perfection.

  • Eggs benedict with smoked salmon. And lots of Hollandaise.
  • Fried chicken from No. 5
  • Spicy-till-I-wanna-cry sambal belachan with anything.
  • Mum's curried fish roe.
  • Cocopops. With full-fat milk.

  • Lara's tortilla
  • Nutella cake from Da Paolo's Gastronomia
  • Thosai

And all of this down with milo and sparkling water. Would you like to be invited to my last meal? ;o)

What will your last meal be like?