On The Job

It tickles me how my job never fails to keep me on my tippy toes all the time. Save for the actual times when I am on tippy toes on my skyscraper-high heels, I am also put into situations that might make some people tear their hair out. I probably did freak the fuck out and slit my wrists a few years ago, but as time go by, you kinda stop sweating the small stuff. Whether it is a flood, a model that never showed up - or, like today, when our bus' wheels got stuck deep in wet sand in a sand quarry on an offshore island, it never ceases to amuse me, and that is probably also why I love my job so much.

Of course, my boss suggested that I change the name of this blog so my shoots in the future go smooth sailing. Sorry boss, thesmoothschedule doesn't have quite the same ring as thedramadiaries. ;o)