Not So Kawaii

While I have met a lot of people in this line, you don't meet people - particularly models - who make awesome friends, and I'm glad Xiao and I found ourselves on the same set four years ago. Since then, we've shot several times, I've stayed in her place in New York, we've downed late night Korean chicken wings in New York, she's gone to my cousin's wedding and spent Hari Raya at my home, done New York Fashion Week, shopped, shared secrets and drama, amongst many other things. She's taking off back home [where I also belong] in a couple of days, so we're going to be seeing each other a lot this weekend, and today has been the funnest days I've had in a while.

We decided to muck around with one of those Japanese photo sticker machines, and it was absolutely hilarious - our skin became glowy and eyes all lined and pupils enlarged in a different colour. How bizarre!

I obviously don't do cute but the shrieking, giggling and doodling was actually quite fun. So fun Xiao has convinced me to do it again before she leaves. Damn the Japanese! ;o)