Eat, Pray & A Whole Lotta Bullshit

When you put the beautiful serenity of Julia Roberts, the effortlessly sexy Spanish scene-stealer Javier Bardem and whispers of boyish charm from James Franco in a potpourri of picturesque locations, you'd be fooled into thinking it's actually a good movie. But don't be - the whole movie could've just been an ad for Estrella and it would have made more of an impact. The movie was obnoxious, and the whole time I was twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of something good to happen but it never did. All the movie left me with was a full bladder and wondering if I had to cycle my way through Bali when I head there over New Year's.

I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all or a cynic, or just simply bitter. I did enjoy some parts of the book - I skipped the praying part because it bored me and it also sounded like preaching, but after I looked up the book, I found out that the author, Elizabeth Gilbert was able to go on such a grand world tour because, "in advance, my publisher has purchased the book I shall write about my travels”. When your book has been bought before you even write it, what do you think you should do to make it sensational?

I hate when people make travelling alone sound like such a big hoopla. Most of my travels I've done alone, and in that state of solitudine [that Julia Roberts' character in the movie makes such a big deal of], I've made new friends, marvelled at sights, sounds, and devoured food that I would have missed in company. I love being by myself, and I love travelling with myself even more - I don't have to wait for anybody, feel bad about anybody waiting on me, sulk because I'm missing out on something because I've decided to give in to my travelling partner to do.

All that said, my next two trips, and my last two trips for 2010 and the first of 2011's are quickie trips with friends I can't wait to see and take on the world with. It's going to be epic! :o)