Love List #36

I haven't done a Love List in more than a month - it's not that I have nothing to be thankful for, or that there's nothing in my life that I love, it's just that it's been a rough [and terribly busy] month, but hopefully it'll get better.

* Counting on yourself Here's the problem with being around people - you tend to get disappointed when other people don't meet your expectations. I've recently met with several situations where people have disappointed me, and while it is important to let people know how you feel, it's also important to quit sweating the small stuff. You're born alone, and you die alone and it's important that you can count on yourself before anyone else.

* Singapore Brides Never in my life would I have thought I'd ever be working for anything wedding-related, but eight months down the road, I'm still enjoying what my job has to offer and the drama and the people that come with it. Here's to a wicked awesome shoot this Sunday with Jingna, Andrea and Dewi!

* Family drama If you've followed me on Twitter, you've probably read my swearing my head off at the paternal side of my family. I am, unfortunately, related to useless scumbags who are so unhappy with their imbecilic states and pathetic little lives that they have to seek out drama on other people who are perfectly happy. These bitches [usually called aunts in other families] were talking shit about my mother and I basically told them to piss off or I'd punch them - and you know I would. Funny thing is - these scums think things like these will tear families apart - but my parents, my brother and I are closer than ever. :o) I've been told a few times when I moan about the drama in my life that I should rethink the name of my blog, because what you send out to the universe is usually what you get. But I don't think my life could be devoid of drama - and thedramadiaries is such a badass name anyway. ;o)

* New tech toy I'm getting my unmanicured talons on a new tech toy tomorrow and I'm twiddling my thumbs in excitement! It's super sleek, listens to commands and records in HD! I am in love!

* The Tangle Teezer I don't know about girls with straight hair, but for those with unruly locks like mine, I know how much of a pain it is when you wake up with a headful of tangles in your hair. Another beauty-related solution thanks to Andrea Claire [who's back on our sunny shores - which means more vlogs soon!], I bought the Tangle Teezer a month or so ago and it's such a lifesaver! Mine's in a shade of hot pink and is placed right by my bed so I go to bed and wake up with awesome hair minus the tangles. Me encanta!

* Not selling out I've recently been contacted by several blogshops and businesses but I've turned down their different offers. Here's the thing - I won't sell out. I may have to do it for my job, but thedramadiaries is something I do because I love, and not because I have to.  Whatever you see me endorsing, or gush about is true, or what I believe to be true. So don't worry about bullshit here. ;o)

* Mad Men I've said this before, and I'll say it again - Best. Show. On. Television. Ever. My box set DVDs for season 2 from Barnes & Nobles just arrived a few days ago, and my brother and I have spent nights after work watching it. We always know we're going to regret not getting enough sleep in the morning, but Don, Betts, Joan and the rest make it worth it. If there is a TV God, please let one of the wardrobe people chance upon my blog - I will work for free!

What's on your Love List this week?

P.S.: Wondering about the Big, Badass Giveaway? Keep checking back over the next couple of days when I reveal the winners!