Le Petit Nicolas

Anybody who knows me enough knows how much I adore children. I know I haven't got any of my own, and my opinions might change when I'm in close proximity of one at long periods of time, but for now, I love 'em. And they love me back - whether it's four-year-old girls, or six-year-old boys or little babies, I'm actually really good with them, and I think I'd make quite the badass nanny.

Naturally, I'd love movies with kids in them, and I was thrilled when Irene pointed out that Le Petit Nicolas was showing at The Picturehouse. I know lots of people are enamoured by the French language, but I'm hardly dazzled by it. I love it, though, when kids are going at it in French, like this expressive little girl here:

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

Anyway, Le Petit Nicolas, a screen adaptation of a popular series of French children's books from the '60s, is about a cute little French boy who's convinced that his mom is knocked up and doing all he can to get rid of his "little brother" before he even arrives. I loved the cute little uniforms the boys wore, and all the antics his teacher had to put up with in the boys' school. Sorta like a French Little Rascals.

More enjoyable than Eat Pray Love, that I can assure you.