Love List #37

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* Wanderlust Itch I need Scratching Has it really been four months since I spent what-was-close-to-a-month traipsing through Europe? No wonder I'm developing a tic that doesn't seem to be going away till I get out of the country. Thankfully, I am in December, which at this point in time seems so far away. What are your year-end plans?

* 2010 Speaking of year end plans, is it just me or has the year gone by really really fast? I feel like I've spent half the time buried in wedding gowns, and the other half counting sheep trying to fall asleep on a plane. This year has been nothing short of wicked and a far, far cry from 2009. I'm looking forward to seeing what the last two months of the year brings.

* Mash-ups on Youtube I have to admit I feel like I want to shake some of these boys and ask them to man up, but they are kinda addictive. Even though they're too pretty to be boys:

* Updates Shop & Services on thedramadiaries have been updated! Check out what I have to offer!

* Dress Up Parties I love dress up parties! My friend Bhavna's theory about why she [or we, rather] love Halloween and dress-up parties so much is 'cos you get sick of being yourself all the time, and for one day in the year [or for us - more often, because we do like theme parties] you get to be someone else! Of course, if you're a model or an actress, you get to do that more often. Since I'm neither I'm skinny nor screen-worthy, I'll stick to dress up parties.

* Slightly more than a year ago... this was my Love List then. I'm actually don't like to relive the past, or think too much about it. It's behind me for a reason and I never dwell on it. It's always strange to look back and realise how foreign my circumstances were just a year ago, and how different it is now. I'm not different as a person, of course, just the circumstances, the situations, and even the outlook. Strange, isn't it?

Until my next Love List, kids, in case you get lost somewhere along the way, it's the "second star to the right, and straight on till morning… I’ll be waiting you in Never, Never Land" ;o)