Life's Good When You Love Your Job

It's hard to reply when someone asks what I do for a living. I'm technically not in fashion, as I work with fashion; I'm not exactly a freelancer because I'm the editor of Singapore Brides and I'm not just a writer because I'm a stylist as well. It's difficult to say what I do for a living without having to go on about it for a while.

What I can say without skipping a beat is that I freakin' love my job. Thousands of people wake up everyday dreading to go to work, and even though I admittedly do dread waking up [only because I hate mornings, and call times are usually two hours after I go to bed at 6am], nothing beats working with a wicked team I love to pieces. You can check out some of my portfolio here.

Last week, my favourite producer from Ugly Duckling Projects [who always has awesome food on set!] booked me for a shoot for Meritus Mandarin Hotels. It was a fairly simple gig; the photos were going to be used all over Asia and they needed me on set to steam, stuff [usually the models' chest areas] and clip the uniforms to fit them to a tee. Here's a short video I managed to put together featuring Scott A Woodward, our awesome photographer, and Andrea Claire, my partner-in-crime but more commonly known as a celebrity hair & makeup artist:

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