Me & My Pepito

Photos by Denise Tan

The first time I laid eyes on Pepito was early one Saturday morning in summer in Belgium. My cousin and I were up early to go to the Ghent vintage market before I scooted off to Brussels for the day. We practically had our faces pressed against the shop window ogling over the eccentric knick knacks in store. Pepito stood out amongst the plethora of bric-à-brac littered all over the place - he was the fish out of water, and so weird and awkward, he just didn't belong in that store.

I came back a few days later - I needed to bring Pepito home. He was - and still is - so hideous, but so cute at the same time, I had to have him. He's started conversations in Belgium, London and Singapore, and I'm pretty sure he'll be taking on more of the world with me soon.