7 Things I've Done Before 7am

photo by pearled

I've been sleepless the whole night because I took a three-hour nap early evening. And so I have been up. All freakin' night.

* Ran 5km at Bedok Stadium at 4.30am.

* Edited my wedding designers story for Singapore Brides.

* Spent $70 on Forever 21. [Maybe I should do what my friend Alisa is doing - go without shopping for 365 days. What do you think? Can I do it?]

* Watched the annual The Simpsons' Halloween special. [Favourite quote - Bart: It's gotta be good if Satan puts his name on it.]

* Researched for Andrea & my next video blog!

* Repeatedly cursed at my ability to stay up at lengthy periods of time.

* Blogged. Twice!

And now, hopefully, I'm going to try to go to bed.