Why I Stopped Buying Women's Magazines

Some time early last year, I decided that I had to stop buying women's lifestyle magazines. Besides the obvious fact that I was very close to running out of storage space, I also realised I couldn't stand the bullshit that women's lifestyle magazines force fed people with. I understand the need to use skinny-assed models for editorials - unlike "real people", models look good in practically everything, which comes in handy when you're a stylist putting a shoot together. I don't care about the size factor. What I care about are the articles that are in these magazines.

Take this cover of The Singapore Women's Weekly for example. "How to fix his freaky sex habit - sneaky ways to 'restrain' him for your pleasure." I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous. In a realm of time where you can buy used Japanese girls' underwear off vending machines, and college kids submitting orgy videos for $10,000, hardly anything should be considered a freaky fetish [unless it involves animals, questionable bodily excrements and children]. Everybody has a fetish, just roll with it. Perhaps then, you'll actually get more action than the stick that's up your ass all the time.

Women's magazines not only just hate men, they hate women too.

I've been in the industry long enough to say this - editorial integrity has long died. A lot of things that are written in magazines have been whipped up from thin air, and things that have been written to be editorially accurate have been manipulated to meet word count, or to please clients. I've written stories that have required weeks of researched and rewriting but when published, it was edited to a cringe-worthy level of ass-kissing filth that I don't even want to have the piece in my portfolio.

Of course, let's not even talk about layout. What is it with women's magazines and heavily-cluttered pages? Or covers in a myriad of colours. It's like someone barfed the bag of skittles they just binged on. There is really no need to use hot pink, lime green and bright yellow on one cover, really. Save something for next month.

Which is why I read men's magazines. Of course it's also another web of deceit but at least men's magazines tend to be funny and you learn how to make a steak right. Of course, hot male models in sexy suits help too.