Love List #38

* India For months, I've been looking forward to this trip - and my tweeting incessantly about my trip to the Motherland hasn't helped either. I'm going to India again, after 13 years. The last time I was there was with my folks and in a few days, I'll not only find myself in an extravaganza of colour, song and dance at Chandni's brother's wedding, but I'll also be in the company of some of my favouritest people in the world.

* Kissing It's the most perfect interaction in the world isn't it? Whether it's butterfly-kissing your favourite 2-year-old, or kissing your mum, or making out with a lovah, it's hard not get obsessed with kissing.

* Sexier in Spanish It's no secret - I love Justin Timberlake. I think he's one of the sexiest men alive [threesome with Timberlake & Don Draper? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!] and I've loved him since I was a teen giggling over *NSYNC music videos. What's better than Justin in a black & white music video? Justin in a black & white music video singing in Spanish. Sweet God:

* ZoukOut Havaianas Flippie Floppies Even though I won't be partying like an undrugged-up rockstar in Sentosa for Zoukout this year, the good people at Havaianas sent me these flip flops - a limited edition collabo between Zouk & Havaianas. I couldn't think of a better pairing, and a more badass design. Me gusta:

* Rain While I'd give anything just to spend a couple of days in snow right now, I know that's not going to happen, and if that were to happen, I'd start wishing I could be wearing flip flops instead. So I'm just thanking the mighty heavens for the lovely rainy weather we've been experiencing. Still, it's nice to imagine myself bundled in my second hand grey rabbit fur jacket with a mug of hot cocoa writing in a cafe next to a lake. Nice, but not going to happen.

What's on your Love List this week?