Incredible India

India's tourism board ad slogan, Incredible India, is so perfectly apt because there truly is no other word that can summarise the country like 'incredible' can. Be it the sights, sounds, smell, taste and right down to the very experience of it all. The first and last time prior to this trip to India was one I made with my folks and my younger brother when I was eleven years old. While I do remember lots of things from that trip, this one was a trip like no other. It was literally living the Bollywood fantasy. All I did the whole time was dance, eat, get stuck in traffic, shop for wedding necessities and eat some more.

You know in Bollywood movies people dance and wear shitload of colourful clothes and jewellery that's worth a country's GDP? Yes, that's exactly how it is and I'm not even exaggerating. The Batras even hired a choreographer for their dances - it's full on! It's a three-day extravaganza that required months and months of planning and preparation!

Videos and more photos to come!