Love List #39 - A 2010 Roundup

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2010 has been a phenomenal year. Here are the ten things that have made it awesome - there are loads more, of course, but those are private. ;o)

* iPhone Short of sounding like a geek, the iPhone has changed my life. Never in my existence have I used my phone for various functions so extensively. I use Maps, I record my interviews on it, I tweet, email, surf the Net, play Doodlejump, take a zillion photos and I still haven't gotten sick of it. Thank you, Apple. I bow down in worship.

* SXSW I haven't been to a lot of music festivals, but my last week in the US early this year was amazing. Snoop Dogg, Bahamadia, Estelle, Courtney Love, The XX, amongst the many, many other people I was running around the city of Austin, Texas, to see.

* Snow I have seen snow, and experienced snow fall, but never have I experienced 10-inches worth of snowfall right outside my house. It's pretty sure, but it's also excruciatingly cold! [No shit, Sherlock]

* Friends I literally have friends all over the world now - from Japan, to Spain, to London, and Paris and New York, and the best thing is [besides that I have a place to stay in all these places], I know that they've got my back no matter how far away they are. It's a nice feeling. :o)

* Belgium While Paris was breathtaking, and London was a whole lot of fun with my girlfriends, and New York and Texas were in an alternate universe of mind-boggling fun altogether, my favourite destination has got to be Belgium. I'm sure there are people who've told me to come stay at their place somewhere in the world have regretted the invitation because I do usually take them up on it - and I do hope my cousin hasn't regretted her invitation to have me stay with her family, because I've fallen in love with Belgium. The perfect blend of European chic and urban cityscape, the cities in Belgium are breathtaking, particularly Ghent and Brugges. I'd like to see them in snowfall again!

* While this site still has a humble readership, it's grown quite a bit since 2009 and it's nice to know I've a steady group of readers [albeit silent, most times!] and I couldn't thank all the PR and Marketing people more for inviting me to events, getting me to review knick knacks. thedramadiaries has, and will always be my little project. I'm not a blogger, just a writer with a blog. ;o)

* Bali I'm finally going to Bali! I've been to almost 90 cities in the world, but I haven't stepped foot in Bali. Any recommendations?

* Wardrobe I'm quite proud of my wardrobe purges this year, and it's expansion. I haven't bought crap that's seasonal [at least, so I think]. My favourite purchases this year are a tan leather bag from Paris, my YSL Oval Arty Ring, and my new Jeffrey Campbells that I've been meaning to photograph!

* Short Hair! Sometimes I still can't believe I have short hair! Where did all that hair go! In India I was mourning the loss of my locks whilst everybody else was flaunting their Bollywood-worthy hair. But I love my new 'do - it's sassier. ;o)

* Beginnings Let's just say we might be in the brink of something new...

What's your favourite parts of 2010, kids?