Love List #40

I know I've been absolutely shiteous at updating thedramadiaries for the past couple of weeks, so I'll try conjure up content more often. I've been up to my retinas with work, and my social life has been buzzing with activity [and carnage. Lots of carnage], so my time on the Internet has been pretty limited. Here's a Love List to kick off 2011!

* Opportunities! Lots of it! I've had a very exciting first eight days of the year, and honestly, I don't mind it staying this way; although perhaps, with a tad bit less drama. I've had various opportunities thrown my way, including very exciting projects for thedramadiaries. Twiddle your thumbs and anticipate changes, kids. Big ones! ;o)

* Resolutions I'm not big on resolutions, usually. I make resolutions when I want to, and not just because it's the beginning of the year, but I figured I actually want to make resolutions at the beginning of 2011. And they're relatively simple ones:

  1. to get enough sleep,
  2. to continue my obsession with working out,
  3. to tone down my hypochondria,
  4. and to keep at something long term.

I know the last resolution's very vague, but let's just say I'm trying to figure that out myself.

* Apparently, What Ifs can be a good thing.

* Travels This time last year, I was starting to pack my bags for my debauchery in the big US of A, so I've been gleefully spinning my globe [on a pencil sharpener, not a super cool vintage globe, unfortunately] trying to figure out where I should go this year. Where are you heading to in 2011, buttercups?

* Scrubs I have a brand new love for scrubs, as in exfoliating scrubs. With the help of Dermalogica for my face and Indonesia's Mandi Lulur for the body, my skin all over is permanently baby smooth and it feels so good.

What's on your Love List this week, kids?