Love List #41

* Kindle My Kindle arrived last week, and I've been obsessed with it since. I don't think I've read this much since the last time I had loads of time on my hands. Not that I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, but it's so handy to carry around that I bring it everywhere. It fits into my clutches, barely takes up space in my bag and it's a perfect commuting companion. I'm in love!

* For the love of shoes J. Crew takes us on a journey to Italy for a behind-the-scenes experience on how their shoes are made. It's a visual orgasm, how people are so into the shoes. They live and breathe shoes. I want to do that!

* Lessons learnt In the past couple of week, I've learnt that I cannot execute things I don't feel for. I think I can do it, but the standard of my work [or the sub-standard, rather] reflects otherwise. It's humbling, and eye-opening all at the same time. I'm about to close another chapter, and open a new one.

* Badass Manicure Andrea invents the coolest manicure ever.

* ASOS I don't remember how I discovered the site, or when I discovered it, but I worship ASOS. They're affordable, reliable and I love that I can return clothes that I don't like. Of course I have to pay for shipping back, but it beats having clothes in my clothes I never use. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on a shipment that I bought early in January and I think someone at the post office may have been stealing my post!

* Weekenders One of the reasons I love this country is how close it is to other beautiful places in Southeast Asia. I've got the first weekender of 2011 over the Chinese New Year weekend, and I'm excited. Surprisingly, it's somewhere I haven't spent a night at!

* Zara Spring Collection At the start of every season, I salivate over the new collection on the racks in Zara and this season is no different. I love the bright colours, the gorgeous shape... what stunners!